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Winner: Tom Bikowski – Nominated for a Hero

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Winner Entry Here is why: I would like to nominate Tom Bikowski of South Amboy, NJ. Tom is a very important figure to a lot of children in the town. He is in charge of running South Amboy Youth Sports Association. Tom volunteers countless hours of his own time putting together and running the program to keep children of all ages active, off the couch, and streets. He referees every game and makes the kids feel special, I know my children look forward to their games every week. He is a home town hero to the children of South Amboy and parents are very thankful that he put this program together years...

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Winner: Dan Kraemer – Nominated for a Hero

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Winner Entry Joe Prologo wants to nominate Dan Kraemer as a Hero. Here is why: My story to nominate Dan Kraemer for Hero starts with my daily walks in many parts of Sayerville/Parlin . One day recently I was at Eisenhower Park on my daily walk. I noticed for a least the 3rd time this man and his dog near the lake picking up trash. He was using a long handle picker-upper which grabs the item and then places it in a plastic bag. I remarked to him “Whish there were more people like you” I said. “Thank you” he replied “It’s nothing” and I continued my walk. Later as I approached my car, I saw the man and his dog. I approached him and told him my dentist Dr. Mariana Blagoev was graciously offering a reward for the Hero in our community and that I would like his name and number to nominate. Dan was very embarrassed and said “I do it so my dog does not walk on glass and germs, and every little bit helps our...

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