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July 4th has always been a meaningful day for me as it brings to mind the wonderful things I love about the people in this country: kind, compassionate and never stop standing up for freedom!

However, there is one issue that bothered me.

Recently, New York Times have reported that increasing number of Americans have forfeited their needed health treatment due to not able to afford their insurance co-payments.

When dental care is delayed, Americans put themselves at risk of serious health problems.

Your mouth is the gateway to your whole body and any bacteria accumulated at your mouth will travel into your body and it can create immune problems that lead to major diseases.
Thus here is my gift to our community:

Spend $90 and get $300 worth of dentistry.
Get a Dental Cleaning, X-Ray and Exam (worth $315) for only $90!
(Offers expire on July 30th 2015)

NOTE: To honor the policemen and firemen for their service to our community, I will be giving an additional 20% off on this special. If you work in the police or fire department, you can get $300 worth of dentistry with only paying $72.

Let’s celebrate our Independence Day by staying healthy!

Visit my special page HERE or call my office at (732)721-3512


Dr Mariana Blagoev

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