Dr. Mariana Blagoev, a dentist in Parlin NJ, is used to bring smiles to patients on a day to day basis as she helped patients to get rid of pain and improve their dental health.

Last Tuesday on August 6th, Parlin dentist, Dr Blagoev, did an extraordinary act of kindness by helping local residents who could not afford dental care to get dental treatments for free.

Patients came from within the neighborhood and outside the community. A couple who came to get treated was surprised at the extent of care Dr Blagoev gave them despite that it was a free community service.

For over a month, Dr Blagoev has planned for this “Dental Emergency Day” for those who needed emergency care but could not afford it.

Dr Blagoev said, “It saddened me to see so many people have foregone the needed dental care due to financial issues and they were living in pain.”

“I would like to do my part as a dentist to help, It makes me happy to see the happy faces of the people who came in and got treated. They bring smiles to me and brighten up my day!” said Dr Blagoev.

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