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Usually the bleaching process starts with tooth whitening gel. The gel is applied on the teeth to get the desired results. The whitening effects are much more effective on front teeth, since these are the teeth that people look at first. It works best on people whose teeth are yellow and not gray in color.

After applying the gel, the bleaching agent is applied, followed by a heat lamp for 5-10 minutes. The device that is used is different for every person, and varies from person to person.

The bleaching gel can be purchased at local stores and also online. The online sites may require a shipping charge, but the local stores often give the bleaching agent free of charge. It only needs to be applied to your teeth for about 10 minutes.

After applying the gel, the laser light is turned on for another 10 minutes. This time will be added to the 10 minutes already spent on the tooth whitening process. The heat lamp will be turned on for another 2 minutes. The aim of the procedure is to have a complete whitening process to get a bright white smile. It can take days to get the desired results.

Although you can achieve the desired results with home whitening devices, the whitening process isn’t instant. It may take a few days to achieve the whiteness level desired. The process is more effective on the front teeth, especially for those people whose teeth are not very gray in color. Also, the teeth which are more yellow in color will have faster whitening results.

So, there you have it. Dental bleaching is a procedure to whiten teeth. It takes several days to achieve the desired whitening effects. Bleaching is also a method to remove stains from teeth. If you have yellow teeth, you can opt to have the dental whitening performed. Also, you can opt to not have the dental whitening and opt for bleaching instead. Bleaching is a safer option since it doesn’t involve lasers.

If you have stained or discolored teeth, it is highly recommended that you opt for dental whitening. Dental whitening is one of the most effective ways to improve your smile. It will give you a brand new smile that you have always dreamed of. Dental whitening is a very simple and inexpensive procedure to go for.

Dental whitening is recommended for all people who have yellowing or discolored teeth, including those who have worn down teeth because of exposure to medications, smoking, or drinking too much coffee. Also, for those people whose teeth have become dull or stained due to certain medical conditions such as age, excessive use of fluoride, or certain antibiotics. Also, for those who have been told that their teeth are in danger of losing their enamel. These people are generally advised to seek whitening for their teeth.

The procedure generally takes between 1-2 hours to complete. Your dentist will clean and polish your teeth prior to the dental whitening procedure. The prep stage is done to help you prepare for dental whitening. During the actual whitening process, your dentist will apply dental whitening gel onto your teeth. The dental whitening gel consists of peroxide components. So the peroxide is one of the key ingredients that makes your teeth white.

The dental whitening gel applied onto your teeth will act upon the color of your teeth. This is the ingredient that gives you white shiny teeth. This is actually the principal reason why all cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening procedures contain peroxide.

Dental whitening methods differ in terms of their strength of peroxide. Usually, they come with a concentration of 10%, 20%, or 30% peroxide.

After your dentist applies the dental whitening gel onto your teeth, you will be asked to keep your teeth open for the thickness of the gel. The gel should be applied so that it covers your teeth evenly. The length of time your dentist chooses, should be determined by your dental needs.

After applying the dental whitening gel, you will be asked to touch your gums to your teeth. Then, you will be asked to keep your mouth open for about 5-10 minutes. This is done so that the dental whitening process can take place. The amount of time you are asked to touch your teeth depends on the thickness of the gel.

During this time your dentist will ask you to not bite your fingernails or lips. Also, your cheeks will be kept open. The gel will be able to cover the teeth and your gums and not touch your tissues.

Once the process is completed your teeth will be bright white. The dental whitening procedure uses dental grade peroxide. So, it is effective in removing stains and protects your teeth from future discoloration. With these tooth whitening procedures you can get your teeth quickly white again.

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