Replacement teeth help fill out your smile by giving support to the cheeks and lips. This creates a more youthful, vibrant appearance by holding up facial muscles and also aids in speaking, chewing, swallowing and smiling.

There are different types of dentures: partial, full, immediate, conventional, overdenture. Dr.Blagoev will sit with you,carefully listen,evaluate your individual needs and concerns,and discuss different options that better suits you based on health, habits, esthetic and functional concerns. Dr.Blagoev will be working in close relation with Lab (oral surgeon,periodontist as needed) to insure your optimum results and satisfaction.

Dentures Need Not Look Artificial

Your dentist is among a select few who use the Simply Natural Denture System for natural looking full dentures. They resist staining, are stronger, last longer, and fit more comfortably than typical dentures.

Here are the easy steps required for your dentist to make your new Simply Natural Dentures.
At your first appointment your dentist will ask you some specific questions about your present dentures and about how you want your new dentures to look. Impressions are taken and the models sent to the lab for fabrication of an esthetic guide.

During your second appointment your dentist uses your unique esthetic guide to deermine your personal smile characteristics. The guide is positioned in your mouth, your bite is set and the front teeth readjusted. This helps your dentist recreate your natural smile. Special consideration is taken to ensure proper lip support and a pleasing smile line for your facial contour.

At the third appointment a wax copy of your new denture is fitted into place to confirm tooth position and bite. Any changes to your smile or bite are then made to the wax copy if necessary. When you and your dentist are completely satisfied the wax copy is sent to the laboratory for final processing.