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Parlin Dentist Announced Local Hero Winners – The South Amboy-Sayreville TimesParlin, NJ

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Parlin Dentist Dr. Mariana Blagoev has been holding a “Honor an Everyday Hero” event for the local community.

Parlin Dentist

Dr. Blagoev started the campaign to acknowledge the random acts of kindness done by locals.

“These ‘heroes’ are ordinary folks local neighbors, co-workers, friends or even strangers. I wished to highlight the selfless acts which people do on a regular basis.” said Dr. Blagoev.

The first winner was announced 2 weeks ago. Dan Kramer has been cleaning the trash from Eisenhower Park to help clean the environment and protect dogs from stepping on glass and sharp objects.

The second winner is Tom Bikowski. Bikowski has been volunteering his time to run the South Amboy Youth Sports Center.

He is helping kids to become more active in community events that matter, thus boosting the self-esteem of children.

In addition to being recognized, Kramer and Bikowski will each receive a $400 Gift Certificate. An award ceremony was held on Oct. 15th, 2014 at 2:30pm at Dr. Blagoev’s office, located at 1145 Bordentown Avenue Suite 7, Parlin, NJ. 08859.

Dr Blagoev has been actively involved in different community events that helps children, and the needy.

“I love to see people happy. Other than being a dentist and helping people improve their dental health, another way to brighten up someone’s day is to acknowledge the good in them.” the Parlin dentist said.

Dr. Blagoev proudly serves the residents of Parlin, Sayreville, Madison Park, South Amboy and the surrounding cities.

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