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Dentist Parlin, Sayreville Helping First Responders Amid Pandemic

Dentist Dr. Mariana Blagoev, owner of Bright Smiles Dental in Parlin, NJ, is very serious about helping the community during the difficult times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Blagoev has organized an effort to donate much needed protective equipment to the first responders in her area in and around Palin, Sayreville, and Old Bridge Township in New Jersey.

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Due to the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine measures and economic difficulties, many people have stocked up on masks, gloves, and other protective equipment. Medical professionals are fighting the virus on the front lines, and need to have protection for themselves, but there aren’t any available. Since there is a shortage of these crucial items, Dr. Blagoev has given different protective items as a donation to first responders in her area.

“At a time like this, it’s more important than ever to support our local community,” said Dr. Blagoev. “When we found out that medical professionals were unable to get needed supplies, we felt the need to help.”

As cases for COVID-19 grow in the US and quarantine measures are being implemented in more places, many people are not able to leave their home. Even though less people are going out to the public areas, including medical and dental offices, Dr. Blagoev and her staff wanted to continue helping the community with their dental needs.

Dr. Blagoev wants the community to know that Bright Smiles Dental is still open during this time. The only change is that they have shortened their business hours, limiting office time for dental emergencies. They have been taking precautions and using cleaning methods even before the pandemic. Keeping the office clean and disinfected has always been a part of the routine at Bright Smiles Dental.

“For many years as a dentist, I have always taken the extra mile with my staff to sterilize, to clean our office thoroughly with professional grade disinfectants, to make sure our patients are always safe in our office,” said Dr. Blagoev.

During these difficult times, Dr. Blagoev is making sure that the staff at Bright Smiles Dental are taking even more precautions than before. After limiting the working hours only to emergency dental visits, there has been a decrease in the amount of patients in their facility. This provides plenty of distance for each patient and staff member. The office uses disposable items whenever possible, and all surfaces are disinfected regularly. Before the pandemic, Dr. Blagoev was also already heavily involved in giving back to her community. She has been partnering with the Husky House animal shelter for several years, to help the local animals in Parlin, NJ. Dr. Blagoev has also held many food drives and toy drives at Bright Smiles Dental, and helped the community in many other ways.

Dr. Blagoev’s Husky House campaign information can be found here:

If needed, Dr. Blagoev can also be reached outside of office hours through the office phone number. She is encouraging people to have their concerns addressed via telephone and texting of photos if possible. Telehealth and teledentistry have both been embraced by many healthcare and dental professionals, including Dr. Blagoev and her staff at Bright Smiles Dental.

“This is an opportunity for our practice and the people in our local community to come together and enhance their health, while at the same time extending a helping hand to those who need it most during a time of crisis,” said Dr. Blagoev.

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