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Dr. Mariana Blagoev is helping people improve their dental health by lowering their dental bill and raising helping local food pantry.

A report from The New York Times revealed the trend of Americans delaying health treatments even if they are insured. The reason behind this is an economic reason: many insured could not afford the co-payments.

Dr. Blagoev who is a practicing dentist in the Parlin area knows that this delay of treatment usually leads to bigger health problems. Delayed dental care can easily lead to gum diseases which then could cause weakened immune problems, leading to heart, lung and liver diseases. Even pregnant mothers could have still-born or pre-mature babies due to gum diseases.

At the same time, how could a person see a dentist if he or she could not even afford three square meals a day?

Dr Blagoev explained, “It is a growing problem. Food demands at the local food pantries have increased and yet food donations have decreased.”

“Among the hungry in America are 16 million children. This is very alarming.” said Dr Blagoev, dentist Ralin.

With some long thinking, she came out with an idea to help in both areas: help Americans with dental care and also assist the local food pantries.

Dr Blagoev is encouraging her patients to come to her dental office and get dental cleaning, exam and x-rays for only $39. And all of the $39 will go to the local food bank at First Presbyterian Church of South Amboy.

When asked why she would give such a discount and donate all the collected money, Dr Blagoev said, “Local communities are strong not because of money but because of the free spirit of helping one’s neighbors. In a troubled economy that affects many Americans, if I could get the public to help the hungry families while getting their basic dental work done, why not?”

The campaign spearheaded by Dr. Blagoev to benefit people in need of dental care as well as providing help to the local food bank will end on February 10th, 2015.

“I would like to ask everyone who now knows about our program to spread the word to their friends and neighbors. The more people know about this effort, the more needy families can receive aid.” Parlin NJ dentist Dr. Blagoev concluded.

“At the same time, how could a person see a dentist if he or she could not even afford three square meals a day?”

Here is how to participate:

Request your Voucher for $39 Dental Cleaning, Exam & X-rays
by filling out the form below.

Together we can help the needy people in our community!

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